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True Bearing

True Bearing is a simple app that displays orientation and distance from your current location to some point-of-interest (a runway, a dive spot, a geocache, the 9th green, etc) using Google maps and your mobile device's GPS & internal compass. A point-of-interest can be selected using the map or entered using latitude and longitude.

Possible uses include: aviation, diving, golf, hunting, and geocaching.


  • Tracks your current location and the current true heading of your android device
  • Select a point-of-interest (POI) using Google maps, by entering latitude and longitude explicitly, or from your current location
  • Allows one to save a recall POIs
  • Displays in street mode or satellite view mode
  • Displays distance in: feet, yards, meters, kilometers, miles, or nautical miles
  • Version Information

    Current release version = 0.7.0
    Platform compatibility = Android 2.1 or greater

    Recent Changes

    Changes for v0.7.0:
    • The ability to save and recall POIs
    • Various auto-fit modes to help position and scale the map.
    • A new GUI that enables one to easily:
      • Set the POI from your current location
      • Bring up the lat/log POI dialog
      • Center and Fit the current bearing on the screen
      • Save and recall POIs
    • Various other small changes
    Changes for v0.6.0:
    • The ability to enter explicit latitude and longitude for the point-of-interest was added
    • Some minor bug fixes
    • Various display tweaks

    Screen Shots

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